Glavne značajke sela Rastoka

Glavne značajke sela Rastoka


Coordinates 44°35´53°N

Country Croatia

State: Lika-Senj county

Municipality: Gospić

Max elevation: 558m

Population: 33 citizens

Post code number: 53211

Call number +385 (0)53


1910. 1921. 1931. 1948. 1953. 1961. 1971. 1981. 1991. 2001. 2011.
357 325 320 336 306 212 144 111 82 48 33

This village (mean elevation 650m) was founded at the northwest edge of the Lika field, 11 kms from Gospić.  

Main economy branches of this village are agriculture and farming, livestock breeding and pottery. 

Livestock breeding and farming with pottery were the main source of income big families (more than 7 members in one family). 

Between two World Wars in Rastoka all family were making income from pottery, especially the family Jelić (Luka and Jure Jelić).

The last pottery masters from Rastoka were Jure Jelić (Father Martin). born 1920.: Jure Jelić born 1924., Mate Jelić born 1908.

River Otešica

25 kms long river flows over the southwest part of Lika field into Lika river from its left side. The water source is on the northeast of the Velebit mountain at the slope of Crna Greda and Sovjak. 

In this river lives endemic fish subspecies Cyprinidae and Cyprniformes. Called Croatian pijor (lat Telestes Croaticus).  Max length of this fish is 165mm. It only lives in rivers which are not polluted which indicates how clean this river is. Since this is an endemic species of fish this means that belongs to endangered species.  The coordinates in which this fish is seen are 40°11¨58° and 49°71¨82°-above village Jelić. Also, in this river can be founded a river crayfish (lat. Astacus astacus) which is also endangered spices and lives only in unpolluted rivers. 

Famous persons from Rastoka

Josip Čorak- the wrestler 

Ruža Pavičić- the painter

Karlo Pavičić the main economist of village

Grga Rupčić- the poetry writer

Luka Rupčić- painter and professor of French language

Milan Rupčić- the writer

“until we are alive and until we are remembering your name, we will never forget the roots of our veins”

Association of local citizens “ Rastočani” Manda Pavičić Naglić, Katica Jelić, Goran Pavičić, Marijan Jurković, Mile Pavičić, Josip Čorak, Ivan Čorak, Josip Jelić, Marina Nikšić, Ivica Filipović. Rastoka, April 15th, 2021.